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Patch winding inductance silk screen recogniti​on rules.
May 20, 2018

Patch winding inductance silk screen recognition rules

The chip winding inductor uses a silk screen mark to identify the inductance, so what are its silkscreen rules? How to correctly identify the screen winding inductance silk screen mark? This article will do a simple answer.

There are two rules for patch winding inductance silk screen printing, one is digital silk screen printing, and the other is color point silk screen printing.

Digital silk screen: The first and second digits indicate the effective number of inductance, and the third digit indicates the number of digits after the effective digit. The basic unit is generally μH. For detailed methods, please refer to "4 methods for manufacturers to label inductance"

Color point silk screen: the side with the dense color point toward the left side of the color, the two color points close to oneself from left to right represent the first and second significant digits of the inductance, and the distance away from oneself is the number that should be multiplied after the effective number. Number, the basic unit is generally nH.

The color point label code table and the color ring inductor code table are connected. See the table below for details.

screen winding inductor.png

Example of digital silk screen recognition

Patch winding inductor.png

In Figure 1, the silkscreen of the inductor is 100, and the effective number of the first and second inductors is 10. The third digit represents the zero digit after the significant digit, so the silk screen number represents the inductance of 10X10^0=10μH.


Example example of color point silk screen recognition

chip winding inductor.png

In Figure 2, the silk screen of the inductor in Figure 2 is reddish red, the corresponding silk screen number is 222, the default unit is nH, according to the rule, the first and second digits are the effective digits 22, and the third digit is the corresponding multiplier, ie 22*10. ^2=22*100==2200nH=2.2μH

This is the identification rule of the screen winding inductance silk screen value, and the inductance value of the chip inductor can be obtained through silk screen printing.

screen printing

screen, printing, silk-screen printing

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