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Practical application of iron-silicon-aluminum magnetic ring inductor
Jul 08, 2018

Practical application of iron-silicon-aluminum magnetic ring inductor

The composition of the iron-silicon-aluminum magnetic powder core includes 85% iron (Fe), 9% silicon (Si), and 6% aluminum alloy powder (Al), and has high energy storage, high saturation magnetic flux density, and high magnetic permeability C. , the performance is stable at high temperatures and so on. Ideal for power factor correction circuits, it is a low loss and relatively high saturation material.

Due to its distributed air gap, the iron-silicon-aluminum magnetic powder core is especially suitable for energy storage in switching power supplies. Filter inductors, because of their high BS value and low loss, with the same volume, the same magnetic permeability of iron powder core and iron Oxygen has higher energy storage capacity, so it is widely used in rotary transformers. Pulse transformers. Power factor correction circuit (PFC), because of its stable performance at high temperatures, can be smaller than the iron powder core, and is now also useful It is used in the transformer instead of the iron powder core. It does not generate noise when passing large AC voltage, and the characteristics of zero magnetostriction can also be used in the filter. The iron-silicon-aluminum magnetic powder core is generally coated in black, and the iron-silicon aluminum is seen below. Practical application of magnetic loop inductance:

1, common mode filtering, such as mobile phone charger

2, differential mode filtering, such as strong industrial board

3, choke, such as speed control motor control equipment

4, choke, such as various household appliances control panel

5, the device, such as uninterruptible power supply (UPS)

6, current adjustment, such as lighting transformer pressure dimmer

7, power inductors, such as computer motherboards

8, power factor correction, such as power supply


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