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Precautions for the use of chip power inductors
Jun 01, 2018

Precautions for the use of chip power inductors

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Note on the use of chip power inductors, let the gain small series simply explain these points.

1. Before use: first confirm whether the chip inductor can be applied to the corresponding welding method such as reflow soldering;


2. When using reflow solder: Pay attention to preheating. The difference between preheating temperature and soldering temperature is generally required to be between 150 °C. When soldering with spot soldering iron, the soldering process must be within 4 s when the solder temperature is lower than 350 °C. Finished, and the tip of the soldering iron tip cannot touch the electrode terminal.


3. The pad width of the chip inductor is smaller than the inductor bandwidth to prevent excessive solder from generating excessive tensile stress during cooling and changing the inductance value.


4. In the communication equipment working in the 150-900MHz frequency band, the chip winding inductor is mostly used. The common specification is 1-2.2uH. When the frequency is higher than 1GHz, the microwave high frequency inductor should be selected. The inductance of this type of inductor is commonly used. The range is 1-100nH, and the shape is mainly 0603-1206.


5, different products, the selected enameled wire diameter is different, the same inductance, the DC resistance is also different. In the field of high-frequency circuits, DC resistance has a great influence on the Q value, so pay attention to the design.


6. The ambient temperature and humidity around the chip inductor are controlled below 40 ° C and 70% RH.

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