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Six points in the process of using the inductor
Sep 23, 2018

Six points in the process of using the inductor

Inductors can be used in radio frequency (RF) and wireless communications, information technology equipment, radar detectors, automotive electronics, pagers, audio equipment and more. The main advantages are the high Q value, low impedance and the ability to provide braided packaging for automated assembly. Below we mainly to understand some of the problems that the inductor should pay attention to during use. The general overview is six points, as follows:

1. Moisture and dryness, high and low ambient temperature, high frequency or low frequency environment, and the inductance should be expressed inductive or impedance characteristics.

2, pay attention to the wire (enamel wire, yarn package or bare wire), commonly used enameled wire. To find the most suitable line.

3. When using the magnetic ring, compare the magnetic ring part above to find the corresponding L value, corresponding to the scope of use of the material.

4. Frequency characteristics of the inductor At low frequencies, the inductor generally exhibits an inductive characteristic, which only functions to store energy and filter high frequencies. However, at high frequencies, its impedance characteristics are very obvious. There are energy consumption and heat, and the inductive effect is reduced. The high frequency characteristics of different inductors are different. The following explains the inductance of the ferrite material:

5. The ferrite material is a ferro-magnesium alloy or an iron-nickel alloy. This material has a high magnetic permeability. It can be the smallest capacitance generated by the high-frequency high-resistance between the coil windings of the inductor. Ferrite materials are typically used at high frequencies because their main path inductance characteristics at low frequencies make the losses on the line small. At high frequencies, they mainly exhibit a reactance characteristic ratio and change with frequency. In practical applications, ferrite materials are used as high frequency attenuators for RF circuits. In fact, the ferrite is better equivalent to the parallel connection of the resistor and the inductor. The resistor at the low frequency is short-circuited by the inductor, and the impedance of the inductor at a high frequency becomes so high that the current passes through the resistor. Ferrite is a consuming device in which high-frequency energy is converted into thermal energy, which is determined by its electrical resistance characteristics.

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