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Six steps for high-frequency transformer design
Mar 06, 2018


                  Six steps for high-frequency transformer design

High-frequency transformers have the advantages of high efficiency, energy saving, small size, light weight, etc., and are mainly used as high-frequency switching power transformers in high-frequency switching power supplies. But do you know what steps the high-frequency transformer design has? In general, the design of a high-frequency transformer can be divided into the following six steps:


1. Select core material and core structure.


2, high-frequency transformer to determine the working frequency, the maximum magnetic induction intensity Bm.


3. Calculate and select the core model.


4. Calculate and adjust the number of original and secondary sides.


5. Calculate and determine the wire diameter. After the number of turns is determined, the diameter of the wire is selected according to the effective value of the current. When the current is large, multi-strand winding is still required. However, since the AC component in the inductor current is relatively small, the skin effect is not obvious, and thicker ones can be used if necessary. Wire wound.


6, check the window area and the maximum magnetic induction Bm.


7. After the high frequency transformer inductance design is completed, the air gap can be further adjusted in the experiment to achieve the best inductance and working flux.

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