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SMD power inductor 6.8uH package size? Is it using SMD technology?
Mar 23, 2018

 SMD power inductor 6.8uH package size? Is it using SMD technology?

SMD power inductor 6.8uh package size? You need to know the size of the inductor package in accordance with the SMD inductor specification table. Does the SMD power inductor 6.8uh adopt SMD packaging technology?

The first statement is that 6.8uH represents the inductance, while SMD represents the surface mount component, while SMT is the surface mount technology.

So the correct statement is that the power chip inductor 6.8uh is an SMD suitable for SMT. Of course, some people in the inductor industry often refer to SMT as SMD process technology.

From the perspective of chip power inductor package, RH73, RH74, RH124, RH 125, RH127, and RH129 are all SMD power inductors (in fact, all chip inductors belong to SMD).


Their inductance is basically between 1uH and 100uH, so you can choose a 6.8uh chip power inductor from a wide range of package sizes.




Specific reference can be made to the RH series chip power power specification table to determine the package power inductor 6.8uH package size?

From the package size specification table above, you can see that if you choose the RH73 series, the package size of the power inductor 6.8uh is 7.8*7.8*3.5mm

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