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SMD power inductors in the role of LED energy-saving lamps!
Mar 18, 2017


    SMD power inductors in the role of LED energy-saving lamps!

SMD power inductors as an essential component of LED energy-saving lamps, is how to make the life of LED energy-saving lamps have been extended, and how to extend the life of electronic devices have played a role?

The internal circuit of LED energy-saving lamp is a power circuit substrate, which mainly includes electrolytic capacitors, resistors, power inductors, ceramic capacitors, etc. Among them, less used is the power inductor of the chip, but the role is very important. The power inductor of the chip is mainly Resistance to AC through DC, high frequency through low frequency (filtering), of course, here is the power circuit, mainly to block the role of AC and DC, the power resistance of the chip on the DC resistance is almost zero, in the circuit under the current conditions allowed to pass, By blocking the passage of the exchange point, the circuit substrate is not damaged, and the service life of the LED is greatly extended.

Since the power inductor of the chip can extend the service life of many consumer electronic products, improve the quality of the product, reduce the abnormal quality, and improve the performance, it has been put into use by many electronic equipment manufacturers. It is not only applied to the power supply device, but also applied to audio equipment, terminal equipment, household appliances, and other electronic and electrical products, so that the electromagnetic signal will not be interfered with, and it will not actively interfere with signals emitted by other peripheral equipments. Or electromagnetic radiation.

The power inductor of the patch greatly prolongs the life of the LED energy-saving lamp. His role is obvious, it can be recognized in the market, and it is widely applied to electronic devices.

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