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Switching power transformer enameled wire how to quickly paint
Feb 10, 2018


          Switching power transformer enameled wire how to quickly paint

Switching power transformer how to quickly paint it? Generally, in actual work, three methods such as manual peeling, electric peeling, and peeler stripping are used to perform paint removal. Are these three methods more efficient? This article analyzes the efficiency of these three methods for everyone's reference.

ERL28 high frequency transformer vertical

We have done all three of these methods. The following is only a reference:

1. Peel with a knife. The number is small and the diameter can be thick. However, if the quantity is large and the wire diameter is thin, please consider it carefully. If you miss the work, you cannot guarantee the quality and break the wire. When hand-wrapping a transformer sample is usually done, the enameled wire is wound around the pin, and then the temperature is used to melt the paint. The copper wire is directly soldered to the pin, so the transformer can be operated with the same drop method. ,Using the temperature of the tin drop to melt the enameled wire paint and then on the tin, which is equivalent to the operation of the lacquer welding together

2. Electric skinning. The drill must be selected for the model (matching to the wire) This method is fast and saves time. At the beginning, the tail end is stripped of tin, and the position control is better. The stripping paint is too short, which may cause bad on the tin. The paint stripping is too long and causes the tin to be on the transformer coil. Since the coil ends and ends are crossed, They remove the paint too long, put a lot of tin on the top of the pin, causing the start and end of the two pin short circuit, resulting in poor transformer) If the winding is different from this drop phenomenon, it may also affect the product's pressure resistance.

3. Stripping agent stripping: I do not know how your company's stripping agent tanks are. We used the kind of stair-like method. We adjusted the stripping agent in the plane tank to a good height and started one by one from the tank head. After placing the transformer, when it is full, the glass is already good at the beginning, and it goes to the stairs, leaving the stripping agent left on the wire, and you can use a cloth to wipe it. Does not allow stripping agent to climb on the transformer. As for the drop-off paint drop method, I think as long as the control is good, the drop paint drop position, the same is the operation of the drop, of course, there is the risk of internal short-circuit, but you can put the shallow drop point of soaking


The above is for everyone to introduce the switching power supply transformer enameled wire how to quickly paint introduction, hoping to help everyone, how do you want to know more about the contents of the transformer, then click on the high frequency transformer information!

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