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Talk about the connection between high-frequency transformers and switching power supplies
Mar 05, 2018

Talk about the connection between high-frequency transformers and switching power supplies

High-frequency transformers are important components for energy storage and transmission in switching power supplies. The advantages and disadvantages of high-frequency transformers in a single-chip switching power supply not only have a greater impact on power efficiency, but also directly relate to other technical specifications and electromagnetic compatibility of power supplies. (EMC). When the high-frequency transmission line is wound on a ferrite ring with high magnetic permeability (u) and low loss, it becomes a transmission transformer, and its circuit does not seem to have much difference with ordinary transformers, but in fact they transmit energy. The way is not the same.


For this reason, a high-efficiency high frequency transformer should have such conditions as low DC loss and AC loss, small leakage inductance, distributed capacitance of the winding itself, and small coupling capacitance between the windings.


The so-called high-frequency switch, generally refers to high-frequency switching power supply. The basic control principle is that the switch is repeatedly turned on and off at certain time intervals: when the switch is turned on, the input power is provided to the load through the switch and the filter circuit, and the power supply provides power to the load during the entire switch is on. When the switch is turned off, the input power interrupts the supply of energy. Therefore, the input power supply to the load is intermittent. In order for the load to be provided with continuous energy, the switch regulated power supply must have a set of energy storage devices that store a portion of the energy when the switch is turned on. When disconnected, release to the load.

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