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The difference between I-shaped inductors and patch winding inductors
Jul 20, 2018

The difference between I-shaped inductors and patch winding inductors

The most basic difference between the chip winding inductance and the word inductor is that the chip winding inductor is patch-type and has no pins. The word inductor is plug-in type and has a waveform.

The word inductor is an electromagnetic induction component composed of an I-shaped magnetic core skeleton and an enamelled copper wire. It is a component that can convert an electrical signal into a magnetic signal. The I-shaped inductor itself is an inductor. The skeleton of the I-shaped inductor is a winding bracket of a copper core coil. A word inductor is one of the attributes of an electronic circuit or device. It refers to an electromotive force that resists a change in current due to electromagnetic induction. Some bulky fixed inductors or adjustable inductors (such as an oscillating coil) , choke, etc.) Features of the word inductor: high power and high magnetic saturation, low impedance, small size.

Chip inductors, also known as power inductors and high current inductors, are characterized by miniaturization, high quality, high energy storage and low resistance. Chip inductors are divided into: winding type, laminated type, and braided type. The power chip inductor is divided into a magnetic stripe and a magnetic shield, and is mainly composed of a magnetic core and a copper wire. Mainly acts as filtering and oscillating in the circuit.

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