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The longer the magnetic ring inductor is placed, the higher the inductance will be.
Apr 28, 2018

The longer the magnetic ring inductor is placed, the higher the inductance will be.

【Magnetic Inductor】Application

Magnetic ring inductance electromechanical

The emergence of rare earth permanent magnets means that the field of motors will cause revolutionary changes. This is because rare-earth permanent magnets have no excitation loss and no heat, and the advantages of motors made from them are many. Since the rare earth permanent magnet motor does not have an excitation coil and a core, the magnet has a smaller volume than the original magnetic field, no loss, no heat, so in order to obtain the same output power, the weight can be reduced by more than 30%, or the same volume. , weight, output power greater than 50%.

Permanent magnet motors, especially micro-motors, produce as many as several hundred million units each year in the world and are used mainly in automobiles, office automation equipment and household appliances. Most of the high-performance ferrites and rare earth permanent magnets are used.


【Magnetic Inductor】Magnetic Separator

General magnetic separators are of the permanent magnet type and the electromagnetic type. In the past, permanent magnet type magnetic separators used ferrite magnets. After the appearance of rare earth permanent magnets, various types and types of permanent magnet magnetic separators have been designed and manufactured. Especially in medium-high magnetic field magnetic separators, rare earth permanent magnets must be used.

【Magnetic Inductor】The longer the time spent, the higher the amount of inductance.

If the core is constant, increasing the number of winding turns provides greater inductance and more power, which is an advantage, but increasing the internal resistance is a disadvantage. With the same winding, the lamination core has less eddy currents, lower losses, and higher frequencies. However, the number of gaps is large, and the magnetic circuit is also long. Many people pursue low internal resistance to achieve better high-frequency response, and magnetic loop inductors pursue large inductance to obtain more current to increase the low-frequency sense. Magnetic ring inductors "having small heat around them will cause small internal resistance, large internal resistance, and small power consumption, affecting large dynamics. The more turns, the greater the inductance, the greater the hindrance to AC, so the excessive number of turns will lead to output. Power drop and high current supply

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