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The overall advantage of the magnetic ring type:
Jan 03, 2018

Because the initial permeability is 5-20 times of ferrite, the inhibition of conduction interference is far greater than that of ferrite;

The high saturation magnetic induction ratio of nanocrystalline crystals is better than that of ferrite, so it is not easy to saturate under large current.

The temperature rises is lower than the UF series, someone actually tests: at room temperature to be nearly 10 degrees low (personal test value for reference only);

Flexibility in the structure of its adaptability, from the processing process to change, you can adapt to different needs (see the energy-saving lamp on the use of the magnetic ring inductance, using quite flexible);

The distribution capacitance will be smaller, because the winding area is wider and the volume is relatively small;

The circle uses less turns, the distribution parameter is small, the efficiency is dominant (for the specific analysis, may be because of the line diameter, hope to add);

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