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The role of patch power inductors in televisions
Mar 19, 2018

        The role of patch power inductors in televisions

The power inductor of the TV plays a role of selecting and filtering the signal. This is the main function of the SMD power inductor in the TV.

The television receiving signal firstly receives the radio frequency signal from the high frequency head through the antenna, and then places the radio frequency signal in the high frequency head. After the frequency selective filter is processed by the patch power inductor in the circuit, the screening television sets need to be accepted. The signal is the intermediate frequency signal. At this time, the intermediate frequency signal is input into the television signal processing chip for processing. The signal processing chip then separates the intermediate frequency signal processing into audio, audio and full television signals, and the separated audio signal is sent to the audio signal. Channel, at the same time, the whole TV signal is sent to the video processing chip to process the color phase picture. All the processing and separation signals cannot be separated from the function of the SMD power inductor. For example, TVs with VG signal receiving function, including VGA encoding. The main control chip in the decoder chip of the chip and the TV converts the received VGA signal into an ordinary video signal, and the main control chip receives the VGA video signal for decoding processing, and controls the television output display and other series of signal processing options. Can not be separated from the chip power inductors.

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