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The secret of magnetic ring inductance
Sep 25, 2017

The secret of magnetic ring inductance

There are two reasons for the different measurement results. The first is the magnetic permeability of the magnetic ring, followed by the internal resistance of the meter and the measurement signal. High permeability materials are measured with relatively small measurement signals to more accurately measure the true magnetic permeability of the material. Introduce the concept of magnetic permeability: the initial permeability, which is the slope of the initial magnetization curve at the origin, which is measured over a small range of magnetic induction. The magnetic permeability of the material is the slope of the magnetization curve measured at 50 Gauss. The maximum magnetic permeability is the slope of the line tangent to the curve near the inflection point from the origin.

The larger the inductance of the detected magnetic ring, the smaller the error. If the inductance is smaller, the error will be larger, and the equipment itself will have errors, especially for domestic machines. Also, the AL of the magnetic ring is susceptible to environmental influences, especially high-conductivity materials.

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