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The three major effects of inductance determine the performance of the graphics card
Mar 20, 2018

The three major effects of inductance determine the performance of the graphics card

Inductors are passive components that must be used in computer graphics cards. Gain Industrial is an inductor supplier for several well-known computer accessory manufacturers in China. Therefore, part of the gain patch shielding inductance is applied to computer graphics cards.

The types of inductors used in computer graphics cards include: SMD shielding inductance, magnetic ring inductance coil, and plug-in magnetic shielding inductance. There are three major roles: current conversion (AC to DC), energy storage, and filtering. Among them, the most widely used is the patch-shielding inductor. The function of the patch-shielding inductor is also very large.

Since the video card needs to process a large amount of image signals, the third major function of the inductor is to form a filter circuit with other components such as a capacitor to remove the noise (noise/interference signal) in the current and ensure the accuracy of the signal. In addition, because of the large number of signals, Concentration, so you must use a good magnetic shielding effect of chip inductors. Therefore, in this example, the one-piece inductor serves as a good sealing effect, and the small-sized chip shielding inductor becomes an ideal choice.


1, semi-closed patch shielding inductance

The ceramic, ferrite and other materials made of semi-closed structure, chip package, with a certain magnetic shielding properties. Inductors such as these have a storage effect on the graphics card, seen in earlier graphics cards.

2. Fully enclosed ceramic patch shielding inductance

The tall ceramic appearance has a very good appearance. Compared with the semi-enclosed type, it has better shielding performance. Generally, it uses filtering, it does not use power inductor itself, and does not pass a large current.

3, fully enclosed ferrite patch shielding inductance

Ferrite has better shielding performance than ceramic inductors, and its heat dissipation capability is even stronger. It is still a very popular chip shielding inductor for video cards. It mainly uses one-piece chip inductors, laminated chip inductors, and ultra-thin stickers. Chip ferrite inductors are representative.

4, black magnetic crystal chip inductor

The use of higher magnetic permeability black magnetic crystals as the magnetic shield shell, better than the ferrite electromagnetic shielding performance and heat dissipation performance, minimal interference, not easy to hot, but the cost is higher than the ferrite.

Generally speaking, the video card is to use the above different types of inductors to achieve three major functions of voltage conversion, energy storage and filtering. Among them, many kinds of patch-shielding inductors play an important role in the graphics card, which is an important part of them. Graphics cards need to ensure signal accuracy, miniaturization, mass production, and other advantages, the choice of patch shield inductance becomes inevitable.

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