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Transformer coil winding machine function introduction
Feb 17, 2018


                  Transformer coil winding machine function introduction

Transformer winding machine is a special equipment for winding transformer coils. During the coil production process of the transformer, the winding equipment is divided according to the voltage level or capacity of the transformer, and the automatic winding of the high and low voltage coils of the winding distribution transformer is achieved. Wire and foil coil winding machines; vertical winding machines and horizontal winding machines for winding large power transformer coils.


We usually use the horizontal winding machine as a special device to wind the transformer coil. The traditional transformer winding machine is a single machine with artificial wire shaping. Modern models already have automatic cable. The transformer is a large electrical part, so the structure of the winding machine is relatively large, and the weight is also from hundreds of kilograms to several thousand kilograms depending on the level of the winding machine. Due to the continuous application of modern technology on the transformer winding machine, the new model The function has also become more powerful, and the emergence of flexible pre-pressing devices has replaced the cumbersome process of traditional manual beat shaping, making the transformer winding process easier.

Transformer winding machine structural features:



1. The mechanical transmission part of the winding machine is located in the upper part of the headstock, and the electrical part is installed on the operating side of the headstock. Through the shift handle toggle dual gears to achieve high and low spindle speed changes.



2. The winding machine adopts dual speed regulation, mechanical speed regulation and variable frequency speed governor stepless speed regulation. The mechanical adjustment has three gear positions: low-speed position, neutral position, and high-speed position; the number of turns is set by the electronic reversible counting and automatic parking is performed.


3, the aircraft electronic reversible count, equipped with a brake device to prevent reversing when the winding stops, to ensure that automatic counting will not produce errors.



The most widely-used models are also known as CNC automatic winding machines, which can automatically arrange cables and add different mechanical structures to complete different winding requirements. These advantages include high efficiency, easy maintenance, and high cost performance. Domestic manufacturers generally CNC controllers are used, and some manufacturers use self-developed controllers as the control core. CNC models are already a very mature model. Many manufacturers have made innovations and upgrades in their functions and applications. The series has been continuously extended. As the most widely used model in the market, the price of the model is a few tens of thousands of yuan less than that of fully automatic winding maneuvering, and it is much lower. There are thousands to tens of thousands depending on the purpose. Unequal prices, the drawback of this model is that one must have one operator. At present, the application of the model can be seen in some occasions such as ballasts and inductor coils.

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