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Typical parameters to consider when choosing a chip inductor model
Apr 03, 2017

  Typical parameters to consider when choosing a chip inductor model

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The following six parameters are usually considered:

1, The smooth characteristics of the inductance:

The inductance of the inductor due to an ambient temperature change of 1°C is ΔL/Δt compared with the value of the original inductance L. The inductance is the temperature of the system, a1, a1 = △L/LΔt.

In addition to the temperature coefficient of the inductor can determine its stability, we must also pay attention to the change of the inductance caused by aging aging of mechanical vibration.

2,The resistance to voltage strength and prevent moisture performance:

For inductive devices that are required to withstand voltage strength, it is necessary to use the high resistance of the package material to withstand the harsh voltage. Generally, an inductive device with an ideal withstand voltage is preferred to prevent the wet performance.

3, The inductance and allowable deviation:

Inductance refers to the nominal value of the inductance measured at the frequency required by the product specification.

The units of inductance are Henry, Miller, Microhenge, and Nahen.

The inductance deviation is divided into: F level (±1%), G level (±2%), H level (±3%), J level (±5%), K level (±10%), L level (± 15%), M grade (±20%), P grade (±25%), N grade (±30%), and the most used grades are J, K, and M.

4,The detection frequency:

Accurate detection of the value of the inductor L, Q, DCR, must first be added to the measured inductance in accordance with the provisions of alternating current, the current frequency closer to the actual operating frequency of this inductor is more ideal.

If the unit of inductance is as small as the Nahon level, the frequency of the equipment to be tested is to be 3G.

5,The DC resistance (DCR):

In addition to the power-inductor device not detecting the DC resistance, other inductive devices must specify the maximum DC resistance as required, and usually the smaller the more ideal.

6,The a great working current:

Usually take 1.25 to 1.5 times of the rated current of the inductor as the maximum operating current, generally it must be derated by 50% to be safe and reliable

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