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What are the advantages and disadvantages of using high-frequency transformer coils with flat copper tape and Litz wire?
Feb 04, 2018

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using high-frequency transformer coils with flat copper tape and Litz wire?

From the current domestic high-frequency transformer products, no flat copper strips are used. If you use flat copper tape, you need to do a very flat and flat, this is very difficult in the manufacturing process, otherwise the eddy current loss of the conductor will be very high at high frequencies. The current high frequency is basically using Litz wire to avoid eddy current losses at high frequencies.

Look at the relationship between core size and current size to determine whether Litz wire or copper tape is used. Current does not use Litz wire, and copper is used for large currents.

The advantage of the Litz wire is that the process is relatively simple with respect to the copper tape; the disadvantage is that if the current is too large, the number of Litz wire strands required is too high and the process cost may be higher than the copper tape.

Similar to the design of the Litz wire and the design of copper, first determine the current is how much, according to temperature rise requirements, determine the current density, current divided by the current density to obtain the required cross-sectional area, and then calculated according to the cross-sectional area of the required wire. The difference is that the cross-sectional area of the Litz line is the sum of multiple circles, and the copper band is rectangular.

Copper strip relative to Litz wire

Advantages: very suitable for use in a two-turn winding, high space utilization, low leakage inductance, high current resistance

Disadvantages: high cost, not suitable for multiple laps, poor versatility, difficult process

Calculations: The length-multiplier is the area, equivalent to the sum of the cross-sectional areas of all Litz lines.

The flat copper strip cannot be used at high frequencies, because the frequency is too high, the skin effect will be more obvious, and the winding is very inconvenient. A bit is suitable for large currents. The Litz line is the opposite. High-frequency advantages, and easy winding. However, it is prone to overload during high current

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