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What are the anti-jamming inductances of the gain?
Jun 16, 2018

What are the anti-jamming inductances of the gain?

What is the anti-interference inductance?


Anti-interference inductance refers to an inductor with strong anti-EMI capability. Magnetically shielded inductors (related content: what is the magnetic shielding inductance) are typical anti-interference inductors.


In electronic circuits, some components need to prevent interference from external magnetic fields, so to solve the problem of magnetic field interference, it is necessary to make a cover with magnetic material, and cover the parts that need anti-interference to isolate it from the external magnetic field. It is also possible to cover the components that radiate the magnetic field so that it does not interfere with other components. This method is called magnetic shielding. Inductors fabricated using this method have strong anti-interference characteristics.

In order to produce high-quality anti-interference inductors, in addition to the magnetic shielding method, materials with high magnetic permeability, such as permalloy and silicon steel sheets, should be selected. And not too thin, the structural design of the shield, the joints should be as small as possible, the joints should be tight when making, to minimize the air gap. In short, the smaller the magnetic resistance of the shield, the better the shielding effect. If the shielding is required in the low-frequency alternating magnetic field, for example, when the power transformer needs to be shielded, it is handled according to the above principle of magnetic shielding. Multi-layer shielding can also be used when shielding requirements are high.

What are the anti-jamming inductances of the gain?

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RH series power inductors, HMS integrated inductors, NR series magnetic rubber inductors, etc., are all anti-interference inductors.

RH series chip power inductors: There are two different structures, all of which use magnetic materials with high magnetic permeability to make anti-interference shells.

HMS integrated inductor: shielded casing made of alloy powder, tight structure, ensuring strong anti-interference ability of the inductor.

NR series magnetic rubber inductors, in addition to high-lead I-shaped magnetic core, magnetic glue coated on the coil, not only has good anti-interference effect, but also small size, material saving, can be fully automatic production and installation, cheap, installation The labor cost is also very low.

Shielded word inductor: I-shaped inductor plus magnetic heat shrinkable sleeve. Eliminate the leakage of the electromagnetic signal of the inductor itself, and also avoid the interference of the noise of other components on the inductor. Normally, the gain of the I-shaped inductors is increased by default to ensure the EMC performance of the product.

Other series: Gain magnetic loop inductor coil and filter products, most of which use the gain EMI magnetic ring as the core, which has strong anti-interference ability.

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