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What are the bad conditions for power chip inductors?
Sep 06, 2018

What are the bad conditions for power chip inductors?

There are many kinds of bad performances of power chip inductors. The following is a brief introduction to the three situations that should be noted in the previous period:

Power chip inductor

1. Assembly offset: The power chip inductor is assembled by magnetic core, magnetic cover and BASE. In the case where the tolerance and coordination are not in place, a certain assembly displacement will occur. If you can take the center value, then the assembly offset will be eliminated.

2, magnetic core tilt: the industry is called poor assembly, the core lower limit refers to the defects caused in the assembly process. Since the magnetic core and the magnetic ring have fixed card slots, if the magnetic core is placed in the magnetic slot, the position is placed in the card slot and placed on the contour, which will result in a high side and a low side, and the magnetic core will be inclined. It is bad. The method of eliminating the badness must be aligned with the corresponding card slot, and this problem can be completely avoided.

3, the sense of deviation: generally caused by the process of producing power inductors. If the number of coil turns is not accurate, the core component is a problem, the flatness of the wire has been wound, and the tightness of the package, and the assembly fit is also associated with poor inductance. The work of the inductance deviation must be meticulous, otherwise it will easily cause a large number of poor power chip inductors.

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