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What are the chip inductor categories?
Jun 19, 2018

What are the chip inductor categories?

If divided according to package size, the main types of chip inductors with large throughput are:

0603 chip inductors (including integrated inductor HMS0603, 0603 chip beads), 0805 and 1205 chip inductors are currently the largest capacity and the largest customer order. Followed by the 1206 chip inductor, and the 0402 type.

CD chip inductors are divided into CD series, RH series and RHR series, all of which are traditional winding type chip inductors.

wire wound inductors.png

Among them, the CD series is a typical unshielded chip inductor. RH series, RHR series are two kinds of chip power inductors that customers often choose, with magnetic shielding structure and good EMC performance.

Chip laminated inductor

Also known as laminated inductors, they are mostly in the field of mobile phone communication and computer peripheral smart devices. There are not many conventional models of patch inductors in this category, which are mainly customized.

The magnetic beads are mainly based on the GZ series. It cannot fully calculate the chip inductors, but because of the same mounting method, the industry is also habitually classified. At present, the products in this category are mainly for the high-tech enterprises such as Geling.

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