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What are the differences and differences between energy storage inductors and filter inductors?
Apr 24, 2018

What are the differences and differences between energy storage inductors and filter inductors?

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1, the function difference is huge:

The main function of the energy storage inductor is to use the mutual transformation of electromagnetic energy to store the energy for a short time. For example, in the case of a power supply disconnection, the energy stored in the energy storage inductor can protect the circuit from transient high-voltage shocks generated by the sudden disconnection of the power supply.

The main function of the filter inductor is to use the high impedance of the inductor to the high-frequency signal to block the high-frequency signal or secondarily the spike signal through the filter inductor.

2, the difference in electrical performance requirements, DCR requirements and inductance requirements are different

The energy storage inductance requires itself to have a very low DC resistance, which itself may allow large currents to pass through, while the filter inductors mainly require a larger inductance value and do not have much requirements on the current.

3, inductance material difference

Energy storage inductance requires low DC resistance because resistance will consume electrical energy at room temperature, and with the depletion of electrical energy, the temperature of the inductor will increase, and it will further increase the DC resistance. This is contrary to the purpose of energy storage inductance to achieve, so the energy storage The inductor is preferably a superconducting material or a conductor material with a lower resistivity. The second is that the energy storage inductance is generally directly made into an air-core coil. If the magnetic core is used, the magnetic loss should be as small as possible.

The filter inductor has no concerns in this regard, and the use of a common copper wire and ferrite or iron powder core material can meet the performance requirements.

Energy storage inductance and filter inductance are different, but there is no specific standard between them. Because the inductor itself has both energy storage and filtering effects, whether the inductor is used for energy storage or filtering depends entirely on the environment in which the inductor is used. Therefore, some inductors are not only energy storage inductors but also filter inductors.

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