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What are the effects of chip power inductors on the core material?
Jun 20, 2018

What are the effects of chip power inductors on the core material?

According to the forming method of the coil, the chip power inductor can be divided into a winding inductor and a stacked type. The inductance of the coil can be controlled by the coil thickness to control the high current. On the other hand, the control coil adjusts the inductance value. The product design is more flexible, and the outer layer is generally sealed with a resin.

SMD power inductors are currently focused on miniaturization, high frequency and high power. Depending on the application of the line, a suitable product must be selected. The application of power inductors in the line is divided into two categories, one is the purpose of the signal, such as the application of energy storage and suppression of transient current, and the other is the purpose of noise suppression, such as electromagnetic interference and noise filtering.

 high frequency and high power inductor.png

The chip power inductor will be affected by the action of the core material. What are the specifics? .

First of all, depending on the role of the chip power inductor itself, the choice of core material will be different.

 For the signal type, a ceramic core, such as a ceramic inductor and a multilayer ceramic inductor, and a power inductor for the noise suppression type are selected from a ferrite core. Such as a choke (powerchoke)

Secondly, as "What are the characteristics of the inductive core material, what are the characteristics? According to the article, according to the core material, the inductance can be greatly increased. Therefore, the type and size of the core material will also affect the inductance of the chip power inductor. The power inductor saturation current of the same process, the frequency range of use, etc. will also be affected.

Finally, the volume of the chip power inductor will also be affected by the core material. The large chip power inductor of the core is not conducive to miniaturization, and is also not suitable for small-volume electronic products.

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