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What are the minor problems in the life of a shielded chip inductor?
Apr 06, 2017

  What are the minor problems in the life of a shielded chip inductor?

When we turn on the air conditioner, the fluorescent lamp in the room will be instantly dimmed. This is because a large amount of current flows to the air conditioner and the voltage drops rapidly. The fluorescent lamp using the same power supply is affected.

When we use a vacuum cleaner on the radio, there will be a humming noise, because the weak (low-intensity, high-frequency) voltage/current changes produced by the vacuum cleaner's motor are transmitted through the power cord to the radio and are expressed in the form of noise. This kind of voltage/current generated by a device passes through the power line, the signal line conducts and affects other devices, and this voltage/current change is called “conducted interference”. Therefore, for the remedy of the disease, the commonly used method is to give The source and the power line of the device to be interfered with are installed with filters to prevent transmission of conducted interference. In addition, when noise occurs on the signal line, the signal line is changed to optical fiber, which also blocks the transmission path.

 6.8uH SMD power inductor.png

When using a mobile phone, the image of the computer's CRT monitor on the bypass 1 will appear jittery because the signal from the mobile phone is transmitted through the space through the electromagnetic field to the inside of the CRT monitor.


When the motorcycle passes through a nearby road, the television will experience snowflake-like interference because the pulse current of the motorcycle ignition device generates electromagnetic waves, which are transmitted to the space and then transmitted to the nearby TV antenna. On the circuit, interference voltage/current is generated. This type of interference, which propagates through the space and causes useless voltage/current in other equipment circuits, is called “radiation interference,” and there must be an antenna and source for the radiation phenomenon. Since the propagation path is space, shielding is the solution. Radiation interference is an effective method.


These similar problems can be fully solved with patch-shielded inductors.


As mentioned above, the root cause of the interference is the unnecessarily changing voltage/current. This change is transmitted directly to the other equipment through the wire and causes damage, which is called “conducted interference”. In addition, the electromagnetic wave generated due to the change of the voltage and current passes through. The space is spread to other devices and generates unnecessary voltages/currents on the circuit or wire. The interference that causes harm is called “radiation interference.” However, this is not a simple distinction.


For example, a disturbance source of a computing device such as a computer may be a voltage or a current of a digital signal flowing on the internal circuit of the device. However, these interferences leak through the power line or the signal line in a manner that conducts interference, and are directly transmitted to other devices. The electromagnetic waves generated by the wire jeopardize the nearby equipment in the form of radiation interference, and the internal circuitry of the computer equipment itself also generates electromagnetic waves and jeopardizes other equipment in the form of radiation.


In the above circuit, as long as the advantages of the shielded chip inductor can be fully utilized, and the circuit signal is sufficiently screened, the signal of the product can be made clearer and more accurate.

Shielded SMD inductors help us solve many small problems in our life. Thanks to the engineers who are behind the scenes and work hard, we pay tribute to the engineers.

1 Bypass: The bypass is different from the main circuit. It means that when the function is needed, it can be switched to another circuit without affecting the normal operation of the load.

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