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What are the packaging and characteristics of power inductors?
Apr 08, 2017

What are the packaging and characteristics of power inductors?

First, the packaging of power inductors

SMD power inductors are generally mounted on a carrier tape, which consists of a carrier tape, a carrier tape, and an upper tape. The carrier tape is generally composed of a transparent PS material. The carrier disk is generally composed of ABS material and a recycled material, and the upper tape is generally composed of a PP material. With the assistance of automatic packaging machines and automatic measuring machines, the complete packaging and inspection work is completed, which greatly reduces man-hours, improves production efficiency, shortens the production cycle and also facilitates operator operations, due to the special production of SMD power inductors. Nature determines the nature of its packaging and placement. The goods must not only be packaged well, but also produce a little more for inventory. To know how to store, you need to know the precautions of correctly storing power inductors. This is for customers and themselves. Responsible.

SMD power chip inductor.png

Second, the characteristics of each power inductor

1. Ring iron powder core choke coil in power inductor, low cost design, suitable for application of dry value with current change, self magnetic shielding.

2. Broad-band choke coils. Broad-band choke coils are mainly used on the motherboard to prevent external electromagnetic interference.

3, circular AC linear filter, excellent frequency characteristics, self-magnetic shielding.

4, UU AC linear filter, high impedance and has a good frequency characteristics, high insulation resistance material, low leakage inductance.

5, DC linear filter, high impedance and good frequency characteristics, self-magnetic shielding, low magnetic leakage inductance.

6、Ring iron core high-current power inductor, low cost design, suitable for the application of inductance value with current change, good magnetic shielding, widely used in various power conversion and linear filtering, using power type iron core core material Winding, high current, low impedance, current up to 45 amps.

7. Spool core high-current power inductors, PVC series can be divided into 120 kinds of standard parts according to L value and IDC, the use of high saturation flux density material coil is suitable for switching regulator current small volume, high current coil is Switching regulated current is required.

8, rod-shaped core high-current power inductors, with a wide range of inductance and current, including nearly 120 standard products to choose from, using high saturation flux density material coil winding, is a switching power supply and high current Required must-have products.

9, the core surface of the open type power inductor, excellent soldering and high temperature heat resistance, excellent cross-sectional strength structure, reel packaging, can be used for automatic patch device.

10, Mn-Zn core surface type open power inductors, thin and flat, suitable for applications with space concerns, low resistance and high energy storage.

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