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What are the packaging methods of SMD power inductors?
Apr 13, 2018

What are the packaging methods of SMD power inductors?

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SMD power inductors are packaged in two ways: four-point packages and full packages.


The four-point packaging method for SMD power inductors is different from the full package. After the magnetic core and the magnetic ring are assembled with tolerances and fits, the magnetic ring is square when the magnetic ring is designed, and the magnetic core is round, and the two groups of materials are If combined together will inevitably produce gaps. This gap must be encapsulated with a special packaging material. Due to the small gap of the RH74 series, the four corners of the square magnetic ring are generally used to achieve the best effect of the magnetic shielding of the power inductor. In terms of appearance, the aesthetic appearance of the four-point package is comparable to that of the entire package, so that the power inductor of the entire package structure is extended.

SMD power inductor full packaging method: The full packaging method is based on the extension of the four-point package, the core of the edge must also be encapsulated, so that the overall structure of the package to create a strong sense of the overall, and magnetic shielding effect and four The effect of point packaging is not much different. It will add a process in the process, will cause costs to rise, although the market is more popular for the full package of inductors, but in the face of cost businesses have chosen a four-point packaging of the chip power inductor, because the components are originally Built-in items, so do not pay special attention to the appearance.

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