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What are the precautions for using the inductor?
Sep 06, 2018

What are the precautions for using the inductor?

Inductor should be used in mind: wet and dry environment, temperature, high frequency or low frequency environment, the inductance should be expressed inductive, or impedance characteristics, etc., should pay attention. For example, the on-board filter does not have a good filtering effect on high frequencies. Then it is best to meet the electromagnetic compatibility requirements of most civilian products, that is, the fixed surface is clean. If you decide to use an on-board filter, be careful to reserve an area at the cable port when wiring, and install filters and connectors on this area. The interference on the signal ground is very serious. If the filter capacitor of the cable is directly connected to the ground, it will cause serious common mode radiation problems. There is a better solution to this and separate them. And the signal ground can only be connected at one point, all signal lines pass through this connection point to reduce the signal loop area.

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