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What are the soldering precautions for power inductors?
Sep 01, 2018

What are the soldering precautions for power inductors?

Chip inductors are also known as power inductors, high current inductors, and surface mount high power inductors. Features such as miniaturization, high quality, high energy storage and low resistance. However, the welding of power inductors is worth noting:

(1) Before manual patching, it is necessary to apply flux and solder paste to the soldering parts of the printed circuit board.

(2) Use manual patching tools to place components. Manual patch tools include: stainless steel tweezers, suction pens, 3 to 5 times desktop magnifier or 5 to 20 times stereo microscope, anti-static workbench, anti-static wrist strap.

(3) Ensure that the pads are clean and there will be residual solder on the reworked PCB. Electric soldering irons, tinning wires, and soldering tins are generally used. If conditions permit, the residual solder can be blown using a hot air table, and then the solder is sucked away by a vacuum suction pump.

What should you pay attention to for manual soldering of power inductors? Hand soldered patch components, also known as manual patches, are a way to assist with machine patches. When the machine is not suitable for the patch, the patch work can be carried out smoothly. The requirements for manual placement are higher than for plug-in soldering, and require a level of skill for the worker.

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