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What does the NR SMD inductor 5040 represent? What does 5040 mean?
Mar 29, 2017

    What does the NR SMD inductor 5040 represent? What does 5040 mean?

NR magnetic inductor is a type of chip inductor and it is an inductor coated on the surface. Note that the glue is not the general glue but the magnetic glue, which is mainly used to increase the EMI performance of the inductor. When this type of inductance is mentioned, words such as NR magnetic inductor 5040 and magnetic inductor 6020 are heard.

What is the number such as 5040?

                         Gain magnetic inductor NR5040-100uh.jpg

As shown above, it is 100uh NR5040 magnetic inductor. This inductor is a model of gain industrial NR series chip inductors. 5040 refers to the package size of NR magnetic inductors. This series has the same appearance size (5040), contains different inductance, and has a variety of models. Explain in detail:


NR magnetic inductor 5040, 5040 is the package size number, representing the package size of magnetic inductor: (length 5.0mm X width 5.0mm X height 4.0mm).

In general, the package size is metric and imperial. From the above data, we can see that the package size of the magnetic inductor 5040 is metric.


NR magneto-inductive inductors form a magnetic shield structure by applying magnetic glue on the surface of the conductor. This process not only reduces the volume, but also saves the cost of inductor production. It can be mass produced by automated production equipment. Magnetic inductors cost-effective, smaller size. Widely used in electronic devices.


Magnetic inductor structure:

In the SMD of the wire-wound inductor, the glue point of the magnetic powder is adjusted to the open position at the point where the winding is opened (for example, the coil is exposed after the I-shaped inductor winding, and the magnetic glue is spotted thereon), which is equivalent to the external shielding magnetic Core effect.


Magnetic inductor characteristics:

1, using magnetic glue coating structure, greatly reducing the buzzer sound,

2. Metalized click on ferrite core directly, strong impact resistance, durable,

3, closed magnetic circuit structure design, less leakage magnetic, strong EMI resistance,

4. Under the same size condition, the rated current is 30% higher than the traditional power inductor.

5, small size, side, save space, more power


Plastic Inductor Applications

1. Personal computer, video card, laptop, server

2. Portable Personal Navigation System

3, Tablet PC, Blu-ray DVD, set-top box IPTV

4, multimedia equipment

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