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What happens to the power when the inductor is energized?
May 29, 2018

What happens to the power when the inductor is energized?

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Compared with other inductors, the inductors in general electronic circuits can only withstand lower currents through smaller currents. The main feature of power inductors is that they are wound with thick wires and can withstand tens of amps, hundreds, and counts. Thousands, even tens of thousands of amps.


The widespread use of high power conversion termination components on circuit boards has also led to an increase in the demand for high efficiency DC converters and finer inductors.


However, if the current passing through the inductor is much smaller than the current allowed by the conductor, it is generally not called “power inductor”. For example, the inductance of the radio receiving loop can be considered as long as the loss is small, regardless of the current carrying capacity. inductance.


When the inductor is energized, the power changes. This power is generally reactive power. If the DC resistance of the inductor wire is considered, a certain amount of active power is also consumed during operation.


Power inductors are used in automotive electronics, disk drives for mobile phones, cameras, laptops, and portable audio players.


The so-called power inductors generally refer to those inductors with large currents. In addition to the inductance, the magnitude of the current is also considered.

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