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What is 100 SMD inductor? What is the package size and inductance?
Mar 21, 2018


 What is 100 SMD inductor? What is the package size and inductance?

In the industry, it is generally understood that the chip inductor of the above printing 100, and 100 represents the inductance value of the chip inductor is 10 uh. Instead of 100uh.

100uh SMD inductor surface is printed with 101, this should pay special attention.

For example, the chip inductor type 0805-100M/T, which is the package size 0805 (width and height is approximately 8*8*5mm), the sense value is 10uh, the error of 20% of the chip inductor, Tap type disk mounted. The related method can refer to the application of the direct labeling method in the article “Four Methods for Labeling Inductors by Manufacturers”.

Regardless of the 100uh chip inductor or surface mount 100 chip inductor, the package size mainly includes the following types:

Outline Style / Inductance Series Package DimensionsComplete Model Example SMD Inductor Printing Accuracy (Error)

One-piece HMS series










CD type 100 chip inductor





Magnetic Patch/NR Series

Square closed




If the purchase and the manufacturer only need to put the chip inductor 100, the inductor manufacturer is not able to accurately determine the inductor you need, the best way is to explain the type + package size + value, such as magnetic inductance 6030-10uh, or directly Reported model NR6030-100K, then manufacturers for your needs chip inductor package size, shape style, inductance size is very clear.

SMD inductor 100 related FAQs:

1, 100nh chip inductor printing is not 100, that is how much?

A: By default, the inductance unit is micro-henry, ie uh, 100nh=0.1uh, so the printing is R10.

2,100 SMD inductor inductance error?

A: You can view the SMD inductor model, for example, the gain of a chip inductor 0603-100K, K means that the error is 10%. 100 followed by the letter usually has, JKLMN five kinds. Errors of 5%, 10%, 15%, 20%, and 25%, respectively, usually represent 100% SMD inductors with an error of 20%.

Does the 3,100MHz SMD inductor appear on the inductor surface?

A: No, the applicable frequency of the inductor is usually not identified on the surface, specifically how many reference specifications or consulting manufacturers. In general, the test frequency of SMD inductors is mostly 1Khz (low sensitivity) and 100KHz (high sensitivity).

                     smd inductor.jpg

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