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What is a film chip type chip inductor, what are the characteristics?
Jun 09, 2018

What is a film chip type chip inductor, what are the characteristics?

What is the film chip type chip inductor?

The earliest film-type chip inductors appeared in 1979. It is a new type of chip inductor that looks like a film sheet and is actively small. In the past ten years, this new type of inductor has made great progress. Structurally, thin film chip inductors usually have a solenoid type, a sandwich type, a plane spiral type and the like.

What are the characteristics of the film chip chip inductor?

Extremely reliable

When the film chip type chip inductor realizes a certain circuit, because the electronic component performance of the film is more stable than other electronic components, the loss is also reduced accordingly, so it can be reduced. By designing the size and reducing the number of components, saving time and cost, the reliability of the film chip chip inductor is improved, and the overall electrical property is also improved.

Other advantages of thin film chip inductors

The thin-film inductor is a new inductor that has been developed in recent decades based on the requirements of ultra-small size. In the miniaturized inductor, the only air-core inductor can be compared with this, but the film type SMD inductors have many stronger and more practical advantages than air core inductors.


In the process of placement, there is a general effect of handling and strong vibration. The film-type patch can keep the inductance value from being biased. Although he can't achieve the same Q value as the hollow core inductance, once it is determined that the specific circuit function is realized. The exact inductance value required, then it can replace the air core inductor.

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