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What is the allowable error of the inductor?
Apr 16, 2018

What is the allowable error of the inductor?

Tolerance of inductor.png

The error of the inductor mainly refers to the deviation of the inductance value, which is unavoidable. Therefore, the inductance manufacturer controls the inductance error within a certain range by improving the technology. In this range, the inductance deviation of the inductor will not affect the actual. This is what we call the allowable error of the inductor.


The allowable error of the inductor represents the magnitude of the inductance error in the manufacturing process, and is divided into seven levels, namely: J, K, L, M, P, N, MIN.


The seven levels of allowable error of the inductors correspond to the error ranges:

1, J tolerance is ± 5%,

2. The allowable error of K is ±10%.

3, L tolerance is ± 15%,

4, M allowable error of ± 20%,

5, P allowable error is ± 25%,

6, N allowable error is ± 30%,

7, MIN allowable error is the minimum inductance.

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