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What is the chip I-shaped inductor?
Aug 30, 2018

What is the chip I-shaped inductor?

What are the special features of the chip I-shaped inductor?

The chip I-inductor is actually a chip inductor, not a plug-in I-inductor. The chip-shaped I-inductor generally refers to the following Figure 2. If the core is taken out separately, it is a pad with a pad. I-shaped magnetic core, so everyone is used to calling the chip-shaped inductor.

The size of the I-shaped magnetic core of Figure 2 is special, and it is rare now. Now, in order to meet the market demand, the core manufacturer is convenient to mass production. The magnetic core of the left side and the magnetic core of the NR inductor are mainly mass-produced. .

In order for the subsequent manufacturers to better cooperate with the engineers, if you can replace the inductor with Figure 1 or replace the NR inductor, try to use the inductor of Figure 1 or the NR inductor instead.

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