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What is the difference between a common mode inductor and a choke?
Sep 13, 2017

What is the difference between a common mode inductor and a choke?

What is the difference between a common-mode inductor and a choke? Some people often ask this question recently. Today, Jinhao Electronics Xiaobian will come to analyze the difference between them. Before the answer is revealed, let's take a look at the common mode inductor and choke.

Common mode inductors are commonly used in computer switching power supplies to filter common mode electromagnetic interference signals. In the design of the board, the common mode inductor also acts as an EMI filter to suppress the electromagnetic radiation generated by the high-speed signal line from radiating outward.

The choke coil is a common mode interference suppression device with ferrite as the core. It is symmetrically wound on the same ferrite toroidal core by two coils of the same size and the same number of turns to form a four-terminal. The device has a suppressing effect on the large inductance of the common mode signal, and has little effect on the differential inductance of the differential mode signal. The choke coil is used in the balanced line to effectively suppress common mode interference signals (such as lightning interference), but has no effect on the differential mode signal that the line normally transmits.

The difference between them is that the common mode inductor is two sets of coils, the choke coil is a set of coils, and the choke coil is one of the inductors. The coil resistance is slightly higher or the iron loss is larger, so that the reactance performance is suppressed. Oscillation ability.

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