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What is the difference between chip inductor cd75 and cd73?
May 22, 2018

What is the difference between chip inductor cd75 and cd73?

CD75 and CD73 belong to the same type of chip inductor, the same structure and process are the same, the most important difference between them is the package size is not the same.

Take Gain Industrial Chip Inductor CD75 Series and Chip Inductor CD73 as an example:

CD75 has the same structure as CD73, and its structure is as follows:

ferrite patch inductor.png

SMD inductor cd75 and cd73 package size difference

screen printing inductor.png

Inductor Series A B C I J typ. H

Chip inductor CD737.8±0.3 7.0±0.33.5±0.3 3.0 2.0 7.5
Chip inductor CD75 7.8±0.3 7.0±0.3 5.0±0.3 3.0 2.0 7.5

1. The inductance range is different. The inductance of the gain chip inductor CD75 ranges from 1.0uh to 1000uh, while the inductance of the CD73 series ranges from 1.0uh to 330uh. Both sensed errors are 20%

2, the working current range is different, CD75 series chip inductor can work in 0.17A~7.5A circuit, CD73 series inductor operating current range is 0.28A~7A

3, the subtle difference in the working environment, from their package size, we can see that the chip inductor CD75 series is thicker than the CD73, so the installation space will be slightly larger. In a limited space, the same amount of CD73 series inductors will have an advantage over the CD75 series.

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