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What is the difference between inductor, capacitor and resistor?
Sep 08, 2018

What is the difference between inductor, capacitor and resistor?

In the circuit, the inductor is commonly used to isolate, filter or form a resonant circuit with a capacitor, a resistor, etc., and the capacitor is a component that stores a charge in the circuit. Capacitors have a direct cross-connection and coupling function in the circuit. They are commonly used to store and release charge to act as a filter. In the process of transmitting and amplifying low-frequency signals, in order to prevent the static working points of the two-stage circuit from interacting with each other, a capacitor is often used. Hehe. The resistor is an element that consumes power in the circuit. Mainly used to limit current, adjust voltage and so on.

Inductors in the circuit mainly play the role of filtering, oscillation, delay, notching, etc., as well as screening signals, filtering noise, stabilizing current and suppressing electromagnetic interference. The most common function of the inductor in the circuit is to form an LC filter circuit together with the capacitor. The capacitor has the characteristics of "resistance to DC, AC", while the inductor has the function of "DC, DC". If the DC current with many interference signals is passed through the LC filter circuit, the AC interference signal will be consumed by the inductor into heat energy; when the relatively pure DC current passes through the inductor, the AC interference signal is also turned into a magnetic sense. And thermal energy, the higher the frequency is the most easily inductive impedance, which can suppress the interference signal of higher frequency. Inductors work on the principle of electromagnetic induction, which converts electrical energy into magnetic energy for storage. So the inductor has a certain inductance, it only blocks the change of current. If no current flows through the inductor, it prevents current from flowing through it; if current flows through it, it will attempt to maintain the current when the circuit is turned off.

Simply put, a resistor is a component that consumes power in a circuit. The capacitor is used to separate the DC through the AC, and the inductor is used to block the high frequency through the low frequency.

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