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What is the difference between SMT inductors
Jun 28, 2018

    What is the difference between SMT inductors and SMD inductors?

Many people like to distinguish the inductor from the shape of the inductor (you can also define the inductor from the welding method), so that the description is easy to distinguish, and the distinction is obvious. To put it simply, the inductor has several long legs. It is commonly called plug-in inductor, which is DIP inductor. Plug-in inductor is also a general term for inductors, and the pins are short and can be surface mounted. The kind of inductor, commonly known as chip inductor, that is, SMD inductor, chip inductor is also very general. Often we will see some places with SMT inductors or SMD inductors. What is the difference between SMT inductors and SMD inductors? From a personal point of view, they are all referring to chip inductors. SMT is the abbreviation of Surface Mount Technology. It is a circuit assembly technology that solders the chip components to the specified position on the surface of the printed circuit board. The circuit board does not need to drill holes for the components. SMD is an abbreviation for Surface Mounted Devices. Both SMT and SMD are related to surface mount, but from their definition, the chip inductor will be written as SMD inductor.

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