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What is the effect of the core diameter on the I-shaped inductor?
Jul 31, 2018

What is the effect of the core diameter on the I-shaped inductor?

The magnetic core of the I-shaped inductor is affected by the diameter. First, the amount of inductance required for the inductor and the current passed through it are calculated, and then the diameter of the required enameled wire and the number of turns of the enameled wire are calculated. Estimate the volume and finally purchase the core.


What is a magnetic core?

A magnetic core refers to a sintered magnetic metal oxide composed of a mixture of various iron oxides. For example, manganese-zinc ferrite and nickel-zinc ferrite are typical magnetic core materials. Manganese-zinc ferrite has the characteristics of high magnetic permeability and high magnetic flux density, and has low loss characteristics. Nickel-zinc ferrite has characteristics such as extremely high resistivity and low magnetic permeability of less than several hundred. Ferrite cores are used in coils and transformers for various electronic devices.

What is the effect of the diameter of the core on the I-shaped inductor?

The following three points can be explained:

I-shaped inductor.png

1. The larger the core diameter, the more the number of turns of the same wire diameter will be, the larger the inductance will be.

      2. When the other parameters are unchanged, the core diameter increases, the sense value becomes smaller, the DCR becomes larger, and the DC superposition capability becomes larger. The reason is that the copper wire blocks the magnetic flux, makes the magnetic circuit become longer, and the total magnetic resistance becomes larger, L=N^2/R, R becomes larger, and L becomes smaller.

      3. If the wire diameter and number of turns are kept constant, increase the core center column. According to the inductance calculation formula L=4*π*μi*Ae/Le, the cross-sectional area increases, the inductance increases, and the current resistance Increase, internal resistance will also increase.


      From then on, it is concluded that it is necessary to do this in this respect. Therefore, the I-shaped inductor should consider these three aspects and minimize the impact. The gain will find a way to help you do this calculation.

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