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What is the problem of shielding power inductor copper wire black?
May 16, 2018

What is the problem of shielding power inductor copper wire black?

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After using the appliance for a period of time, we will find that some of the shielded power inductor copper wires are black. Is there such a problem with the shielded power inductor? Why is it black? Will it affect the appliance itself?

In fact, the blackness of the copper wire of electrical appliances is very common and is a normal phenomenon. Because of its own factors and external reasons, the problem of blackening the copper of the shielded power inductor also exists. Generally, the blackening of the copper wire does not affect the performance of the inductor and the use of the appliance itself.

The blackout of the shielded power inductor copper wire is mainly due to the oxidation of the surface of the copper wire. Due to the low quality of the copper wire (such as more aluminum or other impurities), the water in the sheath or the use time is too long, the copper wire diameter is too small, etc., the inductor copper wire is easy to heat after being energized. , which causes the surface of the copper wire to oxidize, forming copper oxide, which is black. Therefore, after a long period of use, there is a problem that the copper wire shielding the power inductor is blackened, but the copper wire can be used as long as it is not excessively heated.

Bad influence of blackening of copper wire on shielded power inductor

Blackening of the copper wire slightly increases the impurities of the copper wire itself, so that the DC resistance of the shielded power inductor rises slightly, and the power consumption also increases slightly. If the inductance of the test has been seriously deviated from the design sense, it should be replaced in time.

Shielding power inductor copper wire blackening problem, will only appear in the long-term use of the inductor, if the new inductor found copper wire black, mostly because of improper storage, not only the black shielded power inductor can not be used, the same batch There may be problems with the second time. It is recommended that the manufacturer fully test before use.

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