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What is the reason for the SMT process chip inductor shift?
Apr 19, 2018

What is the reason for the SMT process chip inductor shift?

SMT process chip inductor shift causes:


1. The solder paste has expired, which leads to deterioration of the flux, resulting in poor soldering.

2. The viscosity of the solder paste itself is not enough, and the chip inductor causes shifting of the chip inductor due to problems such as oscillation, shaking and the like during handling.

3. The flux content in the solder paste is too high. Excessive flux flow during the reflow process causes displacement of the chip inductor.

4, SMD inductors in the printing, patch handling process due to vibration and incorrect handling methods cause the chip inductor shift.

5. When the SMD inductor is processed, the pressure of the suction nozzle is not adjusted properly and the pressure is not enough, causing the SMD inductor to shift.

6. The mounting machine has its own machine problem that causes placement of the chip inductor in the wrong position.

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