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What should I pay attention to when making common mode inductors?
Jul 02, 2018

What should I pay attention to when making common mode inductors?

 Power supply noise is a kind of electromagnetic interference, which can be divided into two categories: one is external interference introduced from the power supply line, and the other is noise generated by electronic equipment and conducted through the power line. When thinking about suppressing these two kinds of interference, the first thing we think of is the common mode inductance. Because the common mode inductor can effectively suppress the common mode interference signal in the balanced line, it has no effect on the differential mode signal that the line normally transmits. However, what should be paid attention to when making common mode inductors in production? Let's introduce Xiaoke Xiaobian to everyone:

  1. The wires wound on the core of the coil should be insulated from each other to ensure that there is no breakdown and short circuit between the turns of the coil under the action of instantaneous overvoltage.

  2. The core in the coil should be insulated from the coil to prevent breakdown between the two under transient overvoltage.

  3. Select a magnetic core with high magnetic saturation. When the coil flows through a large instantaneous current, the magnetic core should not be saturated.

  4, the coil should be wound as much as possible, this can reduce the parasitic capacitance of the coil, enhance the ability of the coil to instantaneous overvoltage. Under normal circumstances, at the same time pay attention to select the frequency band required for filtering, the larger the common mode impedance, the better. Therefore, we need to look at the device data when selecting the common mode inductor, mainly based on the impedance frequency curve. In addition, pay attention to the influence of differential mode impedance on the signal, mainly focusing on differential mode impedance, paying special attention to high-speed ports.

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