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Which inductors are suitable for power inductors
Mar 22, 2017


       Which inductors are suitable for power inductors

Power inductor refers to the inductor that can output power in the circuit. An obvious recognition method is that the actual current through the inductor is very close to the current that it is allowed to pass.

From the discussion of “Power Inductor Most Commonly Asked Questions” on power inductors, we can know that as a power inductor, the following conditions should be met:

1, good flow resistance, can pass a larger current

2, high pressure performance is good, generally within 1 minute through a high-voltage current does not breakdown.

3, reduce the volume as much as possible

Therefore, from these aspects, the power inductor generally has a large cross-sectional area of the conductor, and often uses a thick wire or a flat wire as a winding for power inductors. Limited by volume, the inductance of the power inductor itself is generally low.

Among the gain-inductor products, it is suitable for the type of power inductor to deduct the integral inductor. The one-piece inductor has the largest allowable passing current with the same volume and the same inductance value, and can carry the largest amount of power. It can also be used as a power inductor to ensure a good magnetic shielding effect, which is very suitable for miniaturization and high integration of circuit board installation. Integral molded inductors are increasingly appearing in smart phones, laptops, and smart wearable devices.

                    integral inductor.jpg

In addition, the gain CD series and RH series (including the RHD and RHR series) are conventional chip power inductors, which can be seen from their officially named chip winding power inductors. The difference is that the CD inductors of the same volume share the same allowable pass current as the RH series and have better heat dissipation performance. However, RH series power inductors are superior to power inductors in magnetic shielding effect and stability.

                        Traditional Chip Winding Power Inductors (CD Series and RH Series).jpg

The listed above are all chip power inductors. In addition, high-power DIP-type I-inductors and toroidal inductors are also used as power inductors. We know that patch electro-reception is limited to the volume and production equipment, and cannot be qualified for high-inductance, high-power requirements, while I-shaped inductors and toroidal inductors have better customization flexibility. It is more suitable for making large-scale high power inductors. They are also the earliest used power inductors.

For the selection of power inductors, it is necessary to effectively combine the requirements of the project itself with respect to the inductors, mainly from the aspects of volume, inductance, carrying power (ie, operating current and saturation current), magnetic shielding effect, and frequency characteristics. The inductive knowledge of this station has a corresponding introduction, this article will not repeat them

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