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Why can the inductance of the I-shaped inductor be made larger?
Jul 29, 2018

Why can the inductance of the I-shaped inductor be made larger?

The word inductor is an open core, the air gap is very large, and it can be wound many turns without being saturated, so the inductance can be made very large, but the DC resistance and leakage flux are large.


In terms of inductance, it is sure that the same size, the magnetic core inductance of the closed magnetic circuit is definitely larger, because the effective magnetic permeability can be much larger than the magnetic core of the open magnetic circuit, and the inductance can be achieved with fewer turns. However, as a power inductor, the concept of introducing current is different. When the same size power inductor satisfies the same current, it is necessary to adjust the effective magnetic permeability of the two cores to be consistent, but the window of the magnetic field is larger than the closed magnetic circuit. The magnetic core can be wound more turns, and the natural inductance is larger.


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