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Why is the high current chip inductor better than ordinary SMD inductors?
May 14, 2018

   Why is the high current chip inductor better than ordinary SMD inductors?

When we choose the inductor, although the inductance parameters required for the inductor selection are similar, in most cases we will think that the high current chip inductor is similar to the ordinary SMD inductor, but it is not. We should choose the chip inductor that meets your requirements according to actual needs. Below we will talk about the comparison of the characteristics of the inductor to talk about why the high current chip inductor is better than the SMD inductor.


 Ordinary SMD inductors have the following characteristics:

     1. Flat bottom surface suitable for surface mounting

     2. Excellent surface strength, good solderability

     3. Features high Q value and low impedance

     4. Low magnetic leakage, low straight resistance, high current resistance

     5. Tape and wrap can be provided for automated assembly

high current chip inductor.png

High-current chip inductors have all the features of all common SMD inductors, and they have the following features:

 1. High current resistance, high current chip inductor coil is wound with thick copper wire and flat wire. It is resistant to large current and can withstand up to 80A.

 2. High stability, high current chip inductor with closed magnetic shield structure, good sealing and high stability.

 3. High-current patch inductor adopts rapid stripping process, PIN foot surface is smooth, no deformation, easy to tin

 4. Shielded structure, closed magnetic circuit, strong anti-electromagnetic interference, low buzzer, high density installation.

 5. Vertical structure, solid structure, long-lasting product, continuous rust prevention

 6. Wide range of application, high-current SMD inductors have excellent weather resistance, can be used on computer motherboards, stand-alone, graphics cards and other long-term equipment, and ordinary power inductors can only be used as DC-DC module , Filter circuits, etc., although the role played is the same, but the responsibility of high-current inductors is much greater than SMD inductors.


From the above characteristics, we can see that the high current chip inductor is generally better than the ordinary SMD inductor, but the high current chip inductor is only suitable for the products that need to pass the current, when we choose the product to choose Only meet your own requirements.

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