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A year-end party
Jan 21, 2019

A year-end party 

Magtop company held a annual party on January 19th ,2019 .In order to thank every employee  who work hard and do a lot of contribution by themself in Magtop in the whole 2018 year .At the same time , looking forward to our expectations and work goals for the new year .

Hope our company will be more and more stronger and get more bigger progress in 2019 .


Dip inductorcommon mode chock inductor

adjustable inductor

Transformer :

High frequency transformer includes EE EP EFD ETD  RM PQ EER .series .Low frequency transformer include EI type and toroidal transformer in various power .

Inductor :

We have SMD shield inductor , unshield smd inductor ,dip inductor ,common mode chock inductor ,rod core inductor ,adjustable inductor .

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