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Brief Introduction Of Choke Coils
Dec 02, 2018

An inductive coil that is resistant to alternating currents. The use of coil reactance and frequency proportional relationship, can suppress high-frequency AC current, so that Low-frequency and DC through. According to the frequency of high and low, the use of air core, ferrite core, silicon steel core and so on. Used for rectification when called "Filter Choke", used to suppress the audio current is called "Audio choke"; Used for "direct current, resistive communication", "low frequency, high frequency" inductance coil is called high-frequency choke.

The principle of coil choke is popularly speaking, when the current passes, the magnetic field generated by the coil will hinder the magnetic field generated by the current, thus delaying the passage of the current. The "Low frequency choke coil" Prevents the AC power from passing because the delay is longer than the time it takes for the alternating current to change direction. "High frequency choke coil" delay is less than the time required to change direction of the low-frequency alternating current but is greater than the time required to change the direction of high-frequency alternating current, so the low-frequency alternating current can pass while the high-frequency alternating current cannot pass.

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