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Choke Principle
Dec 01, 2018

High-frequency chokes and low frequency chokes are inductance coils. Inductance coil has the characteristic of restraining current change, the bigger the inductance, the more obvious the effect is. This effect has a inductance effect on the current, and the size of the inductance is related to the working frequency of the inductor and the size of its inductance.

Common-mode inductor is a common-mode interference suppression device with ferrite core, it is made of two of the same size, turn the same coil symmetrically around the same ferrite ring core, forming a four-terminal device, to the common-mode signal to show a large inductance has inhibitory effect, and for the differential mode signal presents a small leakage inductance almost no effect. The principle is that the magnetic flux in the magnetic ring is superimposed when the common-mode current is flowing, thus has a considerable inductance, the common-mode current is inhibited, and when the two coils flow through the differential mode current, the magnetic flux in the ring offset each other, almost no inductance, so the differential mode current can be passed without attenuation. Therefore, the common-mode inductance can effectively restrain the common-mode jamming signal in the balance circuit, and has no effect on the differential mode signal of the normal transmission of the line.