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DR High Power Density, High Efficiency, Shielded Drum Core Power Inductors
Jun 07, 2018

DR High power density, high efficiency, shielded drum core power inductors

(1)SHAPE AND DIMENSIONS:                                                                 (Unite:mm)

12.3mm chip inductor.png


TYPEL Range (μH)A max  B maxC max DH
MTRH127 1.2 - - -1000

12.3 12.3 8.0 5.0 7.6 5.4 2.9 7.0

(2)MagTop Order :

shielded drum core power inductors.jpg


Part NumberInductance


Test Freq.






MTRH127 - 330M33 1.0 0.065 3.00

(4) Environmental data:

Operating Temperature: 

-30℃ to +80℃
Operating Frequency: Up to 1MHz
Inductance Drop:35% typ. at IDC
Electrical Specifications:at 20℃

(5)Product Specification:

0.033mh 12.3mm power inductor.png

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