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The Common-mode Inductor Should Meet The Following Requirements When Making:
Dec 01, 2018

1 The wires around the core of the coil are insulated from each other to ensure that no breakdown occurs in the turn of the coil of the instantaneous overvoltage.

2 when the coil flows through the instantaneous large current, the core does not appear saturation.

3 The core of the coil should be insulated from the coil to prevent breakdown between the two under instantaneous overvoltage.

4 coil should be as far as possible around the single layer, so as to reduce the parasitic capacitance of the coil, enhance the coil on the instantaneous overvoltage withstand capacity.

5 Usually, at the same time, pay attention to select the desired filter band, the greater the common-mode impedance is better, so we in the selection of common-mode inductors need to look at the device data, mainly based on impedance frequency curve selection. In addition, pay attention to the influence of the differential mode impedance on the signal, focusing on the differential mode impedance, pay special attention to the high speed port.

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